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Areas of Expertise

  1. Customs Service:

    * Offshore Vessels Import and Export,
    * Customs Procedures in import and export in general;
    * Cargo consolidation on their own or third party;
    * Freight forwarding in Brazil and abroad;
    * Hiring Rates;
    * Cargo release special schemes (Temporary Admission);
    * Cargo release in general;
    * Import licensing.

  2. The Maritime and Admiralty Court:

    * Input, output and Order;
    * Enrollment, registration, cancellation, low, transfer, reclassification, change of characteristics;
    * The whole process of temporary admission, approvals, registrations in general, consultancy, surveys and inspections.
  3. Miscellaneous services:

    * Shipping Agency in general and protection services;
    * Aid in the acquisition and installation on board the necessary on admission of vessels materials;
    * Projects and environmental consulting.

  4. Federal Police and the Port Health:

    * Registration of companies;
    * Certificate Renewal (LP CND and CID);
    * Visit to the release and activation of the vessel;
    * Handling and transshipment of crew (near Immigration);
    * Many.